Nordingrå Kollektiva Konstnärsverkstad is an artist-run, non-profit organisation that provides resources for artists. NKV is the first kollektiva konstnärsverkstad in the municipality of Kramfors. The society is located in the village of Vännersta, in the heart of the High Coast area. We provide studios and equipment for working with graphic, tufting, temporary projects and exhibitions.   


Nordingrå Kollektiva Konstnärsverkstad is active in Vännersta, a small village at the High Coast in the county of Västernorrland, Sweden. We offer working space equipped for Screenprinting, Intaglio, Relief Printing and Letterpress, Tufting and Tagtool. Our workshops are located in two properties, at the old Vännersta school and at Vännersta 109.  Overnight accommodations are available at both places. NKV participate in different art contexts and projects, we arrange artshows for our members and participate in Nordingrå Konstrunda, a local art fair. We like to coact with other organisations and have a close cooperation with Nordingrå Konstby. Nordingrå Kollektiva Konstnärsverkstad is supported by The Region of Västernorrland, the municipality of Kramfors and Kulturens Studieverksamhet. Nordingrå Kollektiva Konstnärsverkstad is an artist-run, non-profit organisation open for all. 


Admission fee                          500 Skr

Annual service fee                   300 Skr

Booked workingspace  50 Skr/day or 700 Skr/year.

Work material you pay the cost price.

Subsidized rent at Vännersta 109 for NKVs members. 

Overnight room 150 Skr/night or a total of 1350 Skr a month. Includes linen and shared bathroom and kitchen.

Room for project 44 m2 200 Skr /day. 

Information concerning studios at Nordingrå Konstby: nordingrakonstby.se.



  • Relief Printing.
  • Blockprinting
  • Letterpress
  • Screenprinting on paper and textile.
  • Tufting.
  • Tagtool.



  • Galleri Lokal1
  • Temporary conceptual and site-specific art, outdoors, cooperating with the local landowners and others.


We coact with Nordingrå Konstby concerning different art and integration projects.

'Seriestorm', a summercamp for children, is one of those.'




You can reach Vännersta by local bus. There is  connections with the railwaystation at the town Kramfors. For your car there is engine warmers at our premises.

Link to the bus timetable dintur.se


Make reservation for the single room at Vännersta 109 by calling +46 72251 80 69.  


As a NKV member you pay a lower fee per day using the studios. Some material can be bought firsthand. Check when you book to see what is avaliable. As a member in NKV you also pay a lower rent for temporary stay at Nordingrå Konstbys premises; the project room and the singleroom.


Send an e-mail to info@nordingrakv.se or call +46 72251 80 69 to book our studios or the project room at Vännersta 109.




Vännersta 101 873 98 S-NORDINGRÅ

  Phone: +46 72251 80 69

Kramfors Kommun

Region Västernorrland